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DoveTail Integrated Systems (DoveTail) has created a highly adaptable, cost effective platform solution to deliver pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, pre-qualified manufacturing facilities suitable for a wide range of bio-pharmaceutical production processes including therapeutic proteins, vaccine and fill finish configurations.

The DoveTail technology platform’s unique core-shell system utilizes advanced modeling and configuration tools and comprehensive, standardized set of “building blocks” to create a fully functional biotechnology manufacturing facility in 8-14 months. The process and operations simulator and configuration tools efficiently develop a complete facility solution enabling improved decisions and minimizing capital at risk.

DoveTail’s unique ability to customize each facility to a customer’s needs and at the same time benefit from the savings and speed of standardization provides the complete solution that will transform how the Biologics Industry builds capacity. This is accomplished through the use of the DoveTail configurator and platform consisting of two major components, PlantConnexTM and BioTypeKitTM. PlantConnexTM is the facility shell composed of building floors, roof and exterior and utilities. BioTypeKitTM is the process floor and associated clean room spaces. Together the PlantConnexTM and BioTypeKitTM create a fully functional biomanufacturing facility in a fraction of the time required to establish a conventional facility.

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