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DoveTail Integrated Systems has created a highly adaptable, cost effective platform solution to deliver pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, pre-qualified manufacturing facilities suitable for a wide range of bio-pharmaceutical production processes including therapeutic proteins, vaccine and fill finish configurations. Dovetail is on the leading edge of transforming of how flexible, new manufacturing facilities are established. Enabling this approach DoveTail Integrates Systems has engaged and attracted a number of world class partners. These partners span a broad range of capabilities enabling access to global engineering, composites and structural expertise, construction management and management consulting.

In October 2011, the company signed a cooperation agreement with Novo Nordisk’s engineering subsidiary NNE Pharmaplan, a global player in the life sciences market with 25 offices in 12 countries employing over 1600 engineers. NNE Pharmaplan is particularly strong in Asia and the EU, with three offices in China and four offices in India.

The partnership with NNE Pharmaplan enables DTIS to have the detailed process engineering work and site work executed locally in compliance with local regulations. The required building and environmental permitting will also be filed out of these local and regional offices.

DTIS is also negotiating partnerships with local industry players in India, China, Indonesia, Korea, the Netherlands and the USA.




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