DoveTail Integrated Systems has created a unique, sustainable technology platform that standardizes and modularizes complex laboratory and production facilities efficiently and at a lower cost than today’s traditional construction methods. This highly adaptable, cost effective platform solution delivers pre-engineered, pre-fabricated, pre-qualified manufacturing facilities designed to accommodate the use of single use applications and suitable are for a wide range of production processes including therapeutic proteins, vaccine and fill finish configurations.
Today's pharmaceutical and technology facilities are being designed and constructed for maximum flexibility and DoveTail's modular design accommodates this need for flexibility. Our panelized system provides a high degree of flexibility. DoveTail Integrated Systems is poised to leverage major industry trends driving flexible facilities, the rapid adoption of single use technology, increase product titers and technology advances and the trend towards personalized medicine. 
Increased Government Regulation and increased pressure by FDA and EMA leads to more complexity in the engineering and construction of biopharmaceutical production facilities. By integrating new technologies in high quality standardized building blocks we dramatically speed up facility delivery lead times. This means clients can focus on their core business during development and construction.

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