Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility Approach

DoveTail’s founders strongly believe that individuals and companies alike have social responsibilities and should address the concerns of society. DoveTail recognizes the potential social contributions of its innovations in providing the means to bring life-saving and life-enhancing vaccines and therapies to people in emerging countries. Whether it involves donating profits toward relieving suffering or developing creative means to deliver its plants to needed areas, DoveTail is fully committed to contributing to the world’s humanitarian efforts.

DoveTail’s CSR strategy involves three approaches:

  1. An initial philanthropic approach which donates profits to local communities to expand vaccination programs;
  2. Risk management – Offset regulatory, corruption, legal, environmental risks by firmly establishing DoveTail’s reputation as a socially conscious, humanitarian company which ensures the benefits of its products are shared with local communities. By taking substantive voluntary steps, DoveTail can persuade governments and the local public we are taking issues such as health and safety, and the environment seriously as good corporate citizens.
  3. Shared Value – On a location-by-location basis, DoveTail will engage in the sustainable development process by training workforces to fabricate its unique designs. This will bring economic as well as social benefits and potentially provided additional logistical, production and human resources for the company’s growth.
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