PlantConnex System™

PlantConnex System™

DoveTail Integrated Systems (DoveTail) has developed a proprietary platform technology called the PlantConnex SystemTM and the BioTypeKitTM.

The PlantConnexTM Systems’ technology platform has standardized 80% of the engineering, construction, qualification activities and techniques. This allows DoveTail to produce, assemble and deliver turnkey bioprocessing laboratories and facilities globally, within 8-12 months.

The PlantConnexTM System brings together discrete building, mechanical and technical materials into interlocking components that are integrated into a universal building system utilizing a variety of techniques such as advanced aerospace composite materials, patented seals and connections and innovative production and assembly techniques.

The PlantConnexTM System consists of interlocking components with which we can assemble both the exoskeleton to raise the shell and core of the building and the endoskeleton to install the interior fit-out of the building.

The Interlocking components are used to assemble turnkey buildings globally to house either development or production processes that have containment and/or clean room requirements.

The Interlocking components enable the building to be disassembled and/or modified. This allows the client to adapt the building to changes in the requirements of the building size and/or location.

DoveTail will initially focus on the high growth bio-pharmaceutical industry that requires both containment and a clean room infrastructure.

DoveTail developed several standardized layouts for the production of both vaccines and therapeutic proteins. These standardized layouts have been integrated into the interlocking endoskeleton components to generate a so-called BioTypeKitTM. The BioTypeKitTM can be integrated both in the PlantConnexTM exoskeleton and into an existing building.

Although the PlantConnexTM System can be used to assemble an array of geometric shapes and proportions, DoveTail offers 4 types of Kits that fit into a 250, 1000, 2000 or 5000 square meter footprints. The Kits are designed for two main bio-types; vaccines and therapeutic proteins.

The system has been engineered in compliance with international building codes and pharmaceutical regulations: International Building Code (IBC), International Council of Harmonization (ICH), and International Society of Pharmaceutical Engineers (ISPE) Baseline Guides. Also, the product is designed using design loads that enable the structure to be placed in diverse geographic regions ranging from earthquake zones like San Francisco to cyclone regions like Taiwan.

The standardized PlantConnexTM System facilitates Bio-safety level 1, 2 and 3 production processes.

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